Triple Spinner Target | RAM Targets®


Triple Spinner Target | RAM Targets®

The Triple Spinner Target from RAM is one of the greatest inventions of the century. Its targets have a thickness of 6mm, making it suitable for most airguns.

This target is defnitely not for the faint-hearted, as air rifles with a power output lower than 20J may result in the pellets ricocheting!

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The RAM Triple Spinner Target is made to last. Its 6mm thick plates are made to withstand most powerful impacts from airguns (>20J).

The target comes assembled and has two stands so that the target can be easily put in the ground. For the best result, place the target at an angle to minimize the impact of incoming pellets and to make sure pellets are reflected downwards into the ground.

The larget target has a diameter of 8cm whereas the smallest one has a diameter of 3.5cm.

Disclaimer: Even though the target is relatively thick compared to most airgun targets, it can still break if shot with an airgun that is too powerful or after heavy use.

Triple Spinner Target | RAM Targets®

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