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Most targets on the market are all similar. Spinners that are stuck in the ground, shooting boxes that have to be hung on the wall, splash targets and so on. At RAM Targets you will also find other targets such as these Tree Standing targets.

The “Tree Tied Goat Spinner” is a traditional spinner as we know it from, among others, Gamo and Walther. This porduct can easily be screwed sideways into a tree, fence or other piece of wood by means of a screw, the fixing tool is included free of charge.
The target has a thickness of 1mm and is therefore good for rifles with a power of up to 16 Joules (or heavier if fired from further than 25 meters).

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NOTE: This target does not contain a bullet trap or backstop. This is therefore not suitable for hanging in the garden alone. For example, there is a risk that the incoming pellets or BBs will bounce off and continue on their own, unintentional, trajectory. So keep this in mind!

Tree Standing Goat | Target | RAM Tactical®


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