Target Holder Power 14 x 14 Black | RAM Targets®


Target Holder Power 14 x 14 Black | RAM Targets®

Sometimes a traditional pellet catcher won’t cut it. A powerful airgun has been added to your collection and you need something to stop those pellets coming in at devilish speeds. Fear no longer! The RAM Target Holder Power has come to the rescue.

This target holder is called “Power”, but still has its limits. It is not indestructible and will be penetrated if shot too many times. An in-house test showed that the pellet catcher was able to stop 13 shots from a Hatsan Bully in 9mm (193J) before breaking. This shows that it is definitely capable of stopping pellets, but not forever.

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Airgun have come a long way since their invention. Regardless of their evolution from pneumatic to PCP, safety has always remained the number 1 concern.

Air rifles have become so powerful in the last few years the the demand for strong pellet catchers has been rising steadily.

RAM’s Target Holder Power is the solution for this demand. Its small size makes it so that it can be placed anywhere, but is not a strong as a bigger and thicker pellet catcher.

Target Holder Power 14 x 14 Black | RAM Targets®

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