Stab-resistant Vest | 24J | Tier 2 | PE | RAM Tactical®

Stab-resistant Vest | NIJ 1 24J | Tier 2 | PE | RAM Tactical

This Tier 2 stab-resistant vest from RAM Tactical is made to provide protection against knives, spikes, glass and needles according to NIJ 011500 standard for stab resistance. For example, this stab-resistant vest is equipped with PE inserts that, in addition to protection against knives, also properly dissipate the force of blows and bumps so that this is felt less by the wearer. These and similar stab proof vests are worn by police and government services, security guards and other professions where extra protection is a high priority.
Tier 2 stands for the type of material that in this case offers the stab resistance of the vest; PE (Polyethylene). This also refers to the type of luxury carrier that is used with this vest (made for long-term wear and easy to adjust).

Material: PE | Polyethylene
Thickness: 31mm
Flexibility Degree: 6/10
Carrier Type: Semi Covert | Adjustable | Premium
Protection type: Knives, awls, glass, needles
Protection level: 24 Joule
Suitable for: Security guards, Police, Personal security


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Stab-resistant vest against knives

A stab-resistant vest from RAM Tactical with PE inserts and luxury carrier. The carrier (carrier or the vest that contains the inserts) is equipped with adjustable elastic straps so that it can be adjusted to exactly the right size and height. These straps are around the hips and at the shoulders. In addition, the carrier is equipped with temperature-regulating material which prevents the heat from increasing when wearing the vest.

What is PE?
PE stands for Polyethylene, a type of plastic that is nowadays increasingly popular as a material for bullet-proof and stab-resistant vests. The specific type of ethylene used is called Ultra High Molecular Weight PE or UHMWPE. The material is inexpensive and offers excellent protection values. In addition, it is lightweight compared to steel, ceramic or even aluminum.

How does this vest differ from the Tier 1 and Tier 3 stab-resistant vests?
This vest is 20mm thicker than the T1 vest and less flexible. As a result, you can move less well than when you wear the Tier 1. Do you want to wear the stab-resistant vest under a jacket or possibly hidden? Then we recommend purchasing the Tier 1 instead of the Tier 2 because the Tier 1 is thinner (0.9 cm) and more flexible (8/10). The Tier 1 vest is a great budget stab-resistant vest that is best worn over clothing because the carrier of this vest is larger and more robust than that of the Tier 1 and 2.

Tier 1:
Thickness: 9mm (Thin!)

Flexibility: 8/10

Material: Aramid

Carrier: Semi-Covert, Adjustable, Premium

Tier 2:

Thickness: 30mm

Flexibility: 6/10

Material: PE

Carrier: Semi-Covert, Adjustable, Premium

Tier 3:
Thickness: 1.2cm

Flexibility: 3/10

Material: Rivet Aluminum

Carrier: Overt, Adjustable, Budget

Stab-resistant Vest | 24J | Tier 2 | PE | RAM Tactical®


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