1 Point Sling w/ Cushioning | Black | RAM Tactical®


1 Point Sling w/ Cushioning | Black | RAM Tactical

The RAM Tactical 1 point sling is made of high quality material which makes it a lot stronger than most 1 point slings on the market.  In addition, the sling is fully adjustable.

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1 Point Sling w/ Cushioning | Black | RAM Tactical

Using a 1-point sling allows you to quickly release your weapon or airsoft replica and switch between side-arm and primary weapon during firefights and simulations. The advantage of a 1-point sling compared to a 2-point sling is its simple design. With one attachment point, the weapon drops directly in front of the chest, allowing a quick grab for a side arm on the hip or leg.

With 1-point slings it can be difficult to quickly carry the weapon or replica on your back, this can cause hindrance when you have to climb over a wall, crawl or otherwise have your hands free to perform actions . Still, the 1-point sling is very popular when using short arms and airsoft replicas.

The best application of a 1 point sling is for airsoft use, on a flat range or purposes other than in the line of duty.

This model has dampening function which ensures that the sling springs with it when you drop your weapon. In addition, the sling is equipped with a quick detatch clip so that the weapon can be released without removing the cord from the sling.

1 Point Sling w/ Cushioning | Black | RAM Tactical®

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