Rotary Targets | RAM Targets®

Rotary Targets | RAM Targets®

The RAM Rotary Target provides shooters with a real challenge. The star-shaped body of the target can be rotated by hand, but will also automatically rotate when one of the targets is hit.

The rotational movement is caused by the shift in weight when one of the targets is hit and falls backwards.


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The RAM Rotary Target is a reactive shooting target that rotates when one of the 1mm thick metal cirlces is hit and falls back.

The target has to be assembled out of the box, which is easy to do and requires minimal tools and know-how.

The target is to be used with airguns that have a maximum output of 7.5J. Of course, if the target is placed at a distance of  (i.e.) 30 meters, it can be shot with more powerful airguns but may break over time.

Rotary Targets | RAM Targets®

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