Target Holder 14 x 14 Black | RAM Targets®


Target Holder 14 x 14 Black | RAM Targets®

This RAM Target shooting box and bullet trap / pellet catcher is extra sturdy due to the spot weld connections. Suitable for all kinds of shooting cards with the size of 14 x 14 cm.


Depth: 18cm
Width: 14cm
Height: 14cm

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Target Holder 14 x 14 Black | RAM Targets®

Shooting card holder and bullet trap all in 1. Easy to attach to a wall or pole with the use of a single screw or nail.  The front of the target holder is designed to function as a funnel so as to lead incoming pellets into the bullet trap which is located in the back. Once done shooting, simply turn the target holder upside down in order to drop out all the residue from your pellets and paper targets!

The shooting box is 1 mm thick, so this target is best used when shooting airguns under 16 Joule up to 25 meters or stronger airguns from a longer distance. If the box is shot within 25 meters or shot at with high powered airguns, there is an increased chance that the box will become deformed and the product can no longer work optimally.

Using an airgun that is too powerful may result in it penetrating the target holder in its entirety!

In this case the usage of a POWER Target Holder by RAM Targets® is strongly recommended.

Target Holder 14 x 14 Black | RAM Targets®

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