Rat 2 Target | RAM Targets®

Rat 2 Target | RAM Targets®

The RAM Rat Target provides 3 resettable targets. The outer two targets will remain lowered when shot until the middle target is hit.

Targets are 1mm thick and are to be used at a distance of 25 meters. If the targets are shot from a distance closer than 25 meters, they may deform and thus not work properly anymore.


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Targets are paramount within any shooting discipline. Shooting wouldn’t be fun without them.

Whereas the basics of shooting fundamentals are best taught through the use of paper targets, reactive targets give the sport a whole different dimension. Stack a few of these on in your backyard or shooting range and shoot away!

The dimensions of the Rat Target are 30 x 19 x 21.5cm

Rat 2 Target | RAM Targets®

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