Tactical KX1A Light | Black | RAM


RAM Tactical KX1A Light Black

This flashlight from RAM is based on one of the popular rifle lights of the moment and is easy to assemble and use. Comes with 22mm mounting for almost all airsoft devices and has both a push button and a pressure pad included so that it can be used universally. The pressure pad is easy to mount on the weapon with the included self-adhesive Velcro strips and is easy to attach and detach to the flashlight by a pressure system. This is the shorter version of the KE2C lamp!

PAY ATTENTION! To install the battery (123A), the front of the lamp must be unscrewed. So not the part where the pressure switch is.

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Very bright flashlight, equipped with all conveniences, has an output of approximately 400 lumens with which you can blind your opponents completely.

Tactical KX1A Light | Black | RAM


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