Optics Mount Medium 11mm | RAM OPTICS®


Optics Mount Medium 11mm | RAM OPTICS®

A scope is nothing but a monocular wihout the mounts to secure it to your (air) rifle or airsoft replica.

  • Height: Medium
  • Tube Diameter: 1″ / 25,4mm
  • Rail: 11mm/Dovetail
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RAM provides both scopes and mounts for avid shooters.

These specific mounts are made to put a scope with a tube diameter of 1″” or 25.4mm on a medium height. The rails are made for 11mm/Dovetail rails.

The RAM Optics Mount Medium 11mm features protective tape on the inside of the mount to prevent damage to the scope when placed within the mount. Next to that, it has two Allen screws for the most secure possible application to a rail system.


Optics Mount Medium 11mm | RAM OPTICS®

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