Maverick CO2 Pistol | RAM Airguns®

Maverick CO2 Pistol | RAM Airguns®

The RAM Maverick CO2 pistol is the newest semi-automatic Co2 pistol with an 8 round magazine. It is easy to use and is best used for backyard plinking.


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This multishot semi-automatic CO2 pistol from RAM is one of the most easy to use and quality pellet pistols on the market. It’s best used for plinking at a distance of 10 – 20 meters and uses a 12 gram co2 cartridge to fire 35 to 40 shots (about 5 magazines).

We designed the pellet pistol for ease of use. This design choice is seen in how simple it is to place and remove a co2 cartridge, the simple magazine design and the 11mm/Dovetail rail that we placed on top of the frame for mounting optics. By using a RAM 11 – 22mm adapter (RT077), you can even mount optics that make use of a 22mm/Weaver/Picatinny mount.

For the best results, use RAM Match Precision pellets!

WATCH OUT! The use of pointed or rounded pellets may result in the magazine becoming stuck or the pellet pistol breaking. Thus it is recommended to always use flathead pellets.

On the underside of the pistol, a 22mm/Weaver/Picatinny rail is located for mounting a laser or flashlight.

Maverick CO2 Pistol | RAM Airguns®

Additional information

Weight 0.680 kg
Product Specs

Caliber: 4.5mm , .177
Power Output: 7.5J
Magazine Capacity: Pellets
Total Length: 290mm
Barrel length: 150mm
Weight: 680g


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