M110 Spring | RAM Tactical®

What determines the power and speed of an airsoft replica?

View the diagram below for an indication of the strength of different airsoft springs. (This scheme is based on TM springs, these springs are similar). Note: No actual speeds can be assigned to this scheme. The parts that you place in your replica (quality piston and cylinders, airtightness of the gearbox and hopup) have a lot of influence on the final power and speed of the airsoft replica.
Spring / Resilience overview

120% (M90) ~280~320 FPS
130% (M95) ~290~340 FPS
140% (M100) ~300~360 FPS
145% (M105) ~320~370 FPS
150% (M110) ~340~390 FPS
160% (M113) ~360~420 FPS
170% (M115) ~380~440 FPS
190% (M120) ~390~450 FPS
210% (M125) ~420~470 FPS
260% (M130) ~450~550 FPS
300% (M150) ~550~600 FPS


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M110 Spring | AEG | RAM Tactical®

An M110 AEG Spring or Spring for airsoft.

Dimensions: 1.4mm X 14mm X 175mm.

Circle: 25 Laps

Diameter: 1.4mm

A spring (also called a spring) puts pressure on the piston in the gearbox of an AEG airsoft replica. This creates compressed air that eventually powers your BB. The force of the spring largely determines how hard your airsoft replica shoots.

M110 Spring | RAM Tactical®


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