Gun Cleaning Set | .30 | RAM Tactical®


RAM Cleaning Set 7.62mm

The RAM Cleaning Set 7.62 mm is the ideal maintenance set for cleaning your air rifle.
A clean weapon shoots safer and better and has a beneficial effect on the lifespan of your air rifle. With this air rifle cleaning set you can quickly and easily clean the barrel of your air pressure rifle or pistol. This set consists of a cleaning rod of three parts for cleaning the barrel. The cleaning rod is covered with plastic which prevents damage to your barrel. The set contains three different brushes, brass, nylon and cotton.

Recommended cleaning products Napier Gun Cleaner and Power Airgun Oil

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How do you use the RAM cleaning kit?

To use the cleaning set, spray the barrel with Napier Gun Cleaner in the firing direction, the opening of the barrel where the bullet is placed. Then run the brass brush through the barrel from the side where the bullet is placed. Then the nylon brush and finally the cotton brush. Cleaning with the brass brush is for thorough cleaning. If the air rifle is cleaned regularly, we recommend that you skip cleaning with the brass brush and start with the nylon brush. After the last treatment with the cotton brush, we recommend spraying the barrel with Napier Airgun Oil. This special maintenance oil gives the inside of the barrel optimal protection against corrosion and prevents lead residues from sticking in the barrels and fields of the barrel.

Gun Cleaning Set | .30 | RAM Tactical®


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