PCP Airgun compressor 220V – 12V | RAM Tactical®

PCP Compressor 220V – 12V | RAM Tactical

Pumping an accident or having to keep refilling your compressed air bottle? With this Compressor this is a thing of the past. This compressor offers the perfect solution for air gunners who are looking for an easy way to fill their air rifles with this compressor. This compressor is easy to use and super affordable!

The PCP compressor 220V – 12V from RAM Tactical comes with:

Plug 220V
Clamping pliers and plug for connection to 12V BATTERY
Filling hose with moisture filter and two foster female couplings
Bag with extra moisture filters, sealing rings, extra fuses and breakdown plates


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PCP Airgun compressor 220V – 12V | RAM Tactical®

The RAM High Power Compressor operates on both 220V and 12V and comes with connectors for both power supplies. There are many advantages to using a compressor over a scooba tank or handpump to charge your Airgun. First the operation of the RAM Compressor is super simple, without the hassle of cooling it down with water or oil. Second, the compressor is light weight and compact in size, this makes it easy to carry arround.  Third, any moisture sucked in during the filling proces is filtered. Finally the filters are very easy to replace.

You can determine to how many bar you want to fill the cylinder of your airrifle by turning the pointer on the manometer to the desired pressure level. The compressor fills to this exact bar pressure and stops automatically. This compressor can fill up to 0.45cl with a maximum pressure of 300bar. Filling a compressed air cylinder with a volume of 0.255 takes about 4 minutes when it is empty (1 bar). Usually you don’t completely empty a cylinder when shooting an PCP airrifle but start refilling at 100 bar, which reduces the filling duration to about 2 or 3 minutes.

Using the compressor is extremely easy and comes with clear instructions for useage. To indicate how easy it is to use, here is a small description of the steps

  1. Plug in the power plugPress
  2. FAN to activate the cooling system
  3. Connect the filling hose to the cylinder of your air rifle
  4. Turn the pressure gauge to set the filling pressure
  5. Check that the breather valve is closed properly
  6. Press START
  7. After the compressor fill pressure has been reached and the compressor has started to fill the hose.
  8. Disconnect the air rifle
PCP Airgun compressor 220V – 12V | RAM Tactical®

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