Clamp On Bipod | 10 – 18mm | RAM Tactical®


The RAM Tactical Clamp On Bipod is a handy bipod that you can easily attach to the barrel of your weapon. The bipod is suitable for barrels with a diameter of 11 to 18 mm. So you can quickly assemble and disassemble this bipod. You can even fold up the legs and adjust them in length. The legs are sprung, but the suspension is incorporated on the inside of the leg. This means that there are no vulnerable or rattling parts on the outside of the bipod.

Barrel mounting 11-19 mm
Adjustable in height

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Bipod for air rifles

This bipod is suitable for mounting directly on the barrel of an air rifle. Because a break-barrel rifle bends downwards with the barrel and a recess for the tensioning arm has been made in the stock, it is not possible to attach a bipod underneath. That’s why the clamp on bipod from RAM Tactical is a handy solution to this problem.

Clamp On Bipod | 10 – 18mm | RAM Tactical®


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