4 x 28 Scope | RAM Tactical®


4 x 28 Scope | RAM Tactical®

Scopes come in many different shapes and sizes and are consequently used for different pursposes.

This 4 x 28 scope by RAM is a relatively basic scope that can be used for airguns with a power of up to 7.5J and fits an 11mm/Dovetail rail.

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Since their invention in the mid 1800s, telescopic rifle scopes have become an indispensable accessory to any firearms, airrifle or BB gun. Where early scopes didn’t magnify beyond 1.5 times, modern scopes are sometimes even capable of an optical zoom of 24 times making it possible for shooters to hit target beyond a distance of a kilometer with ease!

This basic RAM scope provides the shooters with an optical maginification of 4 times with an objective lens that has a diameter of 28mm. This scope is suited for use with air rifles with a power of up to 7.5J. This model comes with mounting rings for an 11mm/Dovetail rail. The scope is meant for target shooting at a distance of max. 20 meters.

4 x 28 Scope | RAM Tactical®

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