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RAM® was founded in 2015 by a enthusiastic group of airgun shooters. Our goal is to expand the range of airgun accessories and tactical gear. This pursuit stems from our own need as avid shooters and the subsequent demand from products that we offer in this great branch of sport. In addition to air pressured rifles and accessories, RAM offers a unique range of non-lethal and legal self-defense products from the well-known Defense Sprays to Kubotans. The RAM® products are competitively priced and therefore accessible to the novice backyard shooter. Thanks to our idiosyncratic, bold branding and product development, RAM is a brand that stands out as innovative and exciting. As far as we are concerned, this makes RAM a brand that both young and matured shooters like to identify with. From this perspective, our slogan is rightly; Everything but boring.

Never a dull moment with RAM Tactical

Want to offer your customers the products they are really looking for? Meaning well branded, high quality, thought through products that are relevant in the shootingsports industry because they are selected by shooting professionals. Look no further! Click on the button below for more information about pricing and dealerships.
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